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Temporary Resident Visa
Permanent Resident Application
Business & Investor Immigration
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Temporary Resident Visa Services


Visit Visa Application

Study Permit Application

Spousal Open work permit application

Work permit application

Postgraduate work permit

Super-Visa application


Permanent Resident Application


Express Entry Application

Provincial Nomination Program Application

Spousal Sponsorship Application

Parent Grandparent Sponsorship Application


Business & Investor Immigration


Federal programs

Owner Operator LMIA work permit

Federal Entrepreneur program

Start-up Visa

Self-Employed Visa


Provincial Entrepreneur Programs


OINP Entrepreneur Programs

British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

Manitoba Entrepreneur pathway

Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway

Alberta: Rural Entrepreneur stream

Alberta Graduate Entrepreneur stream

Alberta Farm Stream

Alberta Graduate Entrepreneur stream


Study in Canada Services


Personalized Study counseling

Matching schools and programs with students’ interest

Guidance through study application

Advice on Permanent residency pathway to Canada

Study permit application, Document checklist, polishing of Statement of Purpose (SOP)


General Services


Document review services

NOC Code services

GCMS Notes review services

Citizenship Application

Additional Document Request (ADR)

Procedural Fairness Letter

PR card renewal

Temporary Resident Permit

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About Mel Immigration

Melwyn Sequeira MSc (Master of Science in Biotechnology), IMCD (Immigration Consultant Diploma), is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), member in good standing of College of Immigration and citizenship Consultants (CICC). He moved to Canada with the dream of starting a new and better life, just like the several immigration aspirants out there.

During his journey through the varied procedures and options for immigration, in the sea of information, he often felt lost and was met with misleading and incorrect information. In realising his dream and landing in Canada, he was determined to help fellow aspirants pave their way to Canada. He completed the Diploma in Immigration from CDI college and cleared the Entry to Practice Exam. He is since licensed to practice as an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). He subsequently launched Mel Immigration Consultancy Services (MICS) to provide immigration services specifically tailored to the needs of the client.

Melwyn has a master’s degree in Biotechnology and has worked as an Assistant Professor at St Aloysius College, Mangalore and St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India. He has spent several years in research at renowned laboratories in India and abroad. He has published a textbook on Microbiology for graduate students.

Melwyn also has a keen interest in social activities and is currently the President of the Konkan Organization of Toronto, a community of the people belonging to the Konkan region of India comprising Mangalore, Goa and Mumbai. He is an avid reader and keeps abreast with the latest news and trends. He is a musician and plays the keyboard while also showing keen interest in learning other instruments such as guitar and ukulele. He has published short stories and poems in Konkani which is his native language.


Melwyn Sequeira
Immigration Consultant
RCIC License Number R707893

How we can help?

Steps in your application journey we will help you with

Step 1: Free Assessment
Step 2: Book Initial Consultation
Step 3: Sign Retainer Agreement

Step 1: Free Assessment


If you are planning to immigrate as a permanent resident, fill in the assessment form and submit it along with your resume. I will get back to you with an initial assessment of your application within 24 to 48 hours. The initial assessment will be precise and concise. The assessment is free and determines your eligibility for immigration.

If you are interested in a temporary resident Visa or any other type of immigration service, message me here.


Step 2: Book Initial Consultation


If your profile is eligible for immigration, book an online paid consultation to discuss in detail the available pathways for your immigration journey. You will be sent an initial consultation agreement to sign and an invoice to pay the fee. This fee would be adjusted in case you retain me for your services. The initial consultation will range from 30 min to an hour with a fee range of CAD 50 to 100.


Step 3: Sign Retainer Agreement


If you want to retain me for your immigration services, you will be sent a retainer agreement to sign and an invoice to pay the fee. You will then be required to provide all the required documents on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to hire a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)?

An RCIC has undergone a rigorous process of studying for a diploma in immigration consultancy, passing exams, and is licensed by the regulatory body of CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants). An RCIC is mandated to work according to a strict code of conduct, which ensures that the interests of the clients are protected. An RCIC can create a personalized immigration strategy and advice you on the best options available. An RCIC is your liaison with the Canadian Immigration Authorities and your employer. An RCIC is not only licensed to advise clients but also liable for wrongful advice. An RCIC is knowledgeable about filling up the paperwork and preparing the documents, thus reducing chances for visa refusals.

How can I authenticate if I am dealing with a Licensed RCIC?

You can search the name of the representative or the name of the corporation by visiting the official CICC website using this link.

How can I hire you to represent me in my immigration matters?

The process is simple, just follow the steps detailed below:

Step 1: Fill in the free assessment form and I will get back to you with the initial assessment on your profile. The initial assessment will be brief and focused mainly on your eligibility for Canadian immigration.

Step 2: Book an online consultation. Sign an initial consultation agreement and pay the consultation fee using e-transfer or PayPal (consultation fee ranges from CAD 50-200 + HST depending on the immigration pathway).

Step 3: The initial consultation. Discuss your options to immigrate to Canada. Decide if you would like to retain me for your application.

Step 4: Sign a retainer agreement and pay the professional fees. Send documents and follow up from time to time to determine the status of the application.

Why should I pay my consultant, an initial consultation fee?

It is a standard practice for immigration consultancy firms and/or agencies to have clients complete a client intake form and provide relevant immigration-related documents to have an initial assessment of the immigration options available to them.

A detailed assessment is done based on each client’s profile considering more than 100 immigration programs available. Explanation of each client’s immigration options is done in the initial consultation.

Our practice does not offer free initial consultations and/or assessments as any immigration advice entails liability for RCICs. Our procedures comply with the Code of Professional Ethics of RCICs. 

Can you (my representative) guarantee the success of my immigration application?

Guaranteeing an immigration application is against the ethical practice and code of conduct of an RCIC. The success of an immigration application is solely based on the client’s qualifications and documents. A guarantee of 100 percent success on immigration applications raises a red flag. An RCIC can help you streamline your application; they can give the right advice and help you in completing the documents and thus reducing the chances of errors.

What are the types of fees charged to the client?

There are 2 types of fees:

  1. Government fee: This includes application processing fee, biometrics fee, right of permanent resident fee, etc.
  2. Professional fee: If you hire a consultant, you will be paying a professional fee to the consultant for representing you.
How do you charge me for the services?

The charges for the services are detailed and identified in the retainer agreement. Please read it carefully before signing it.

The estimated total amount of fees that will be collected and held as a Retainer in the Client Account. Based on the payment schedule an invoice will be generated to charge the client. All the payments incur HST.

How can I make the payment?

If you are in Canada, you can use the e-transfer option, Paypal, or bank transfer. If you are outside Canada, you can use wire transfer or Paypal. The bank charges and other service charges must be borne by the remitter.

What is the processing time for my application?

The processing time entirely depends on the visa office as well as the completeness of your documents. The approximate number of days required for the processing of applications can be found here:


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